Frequently Asked Questions

Following are frequently asked questions from our previous satisfied customers.

We are authorized and experienced car dealers/brokers/salesmen/representatives from different auto companies in Malaysia.
Selling car is not the only service we provide to our respected clients, we are here to assist and answer any types of questions related to procedures of purchasing cars, buying consultations, latest car promtions, latest interest rates, etc.
9 brands that includes Chevrolet, Proton, Perodua, Nissan, Naza, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and BMW
Our representatives are authorized dealers/salesmen/representatives from different auto companies. MY channels your enquiries to selected representatives based on type of questions being asked by the clients.
Without doubt, the answer is yes. Our representatives have been in the car selling business for more than 5 years and their working experiences are the most valuable assets to MY.
MY does not own any showrooms anywhere in Malaysia. Again, MY are formed by a group of salesmen/representativs/dealers from different auto companies. However, MY dealers' showrooms are mainly located in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas only.
If you are interested in purchasing car from our representatives, your appointments will be held either in MY dealers' showrooms or at any places that is convinience to you, our respected clients.
It may vary! The fastest time is within a week. However, the average time would be 2 weeks. It depends on the stocks and loan processing time. If there is a problem related to your financial status or your selected car model (exp: specifications, colors), it may take longer time. Our recommendation for you is to make an early booking and consult with MY representatives in advance.
You are free to choose. Many car buyers are afraid of fraud issues that happen nowadays, but we usually encourage people to pay if and only if there is a limited stock. Remember to ask for the receipt of the booking payment otherwise
RM 0.00, 10% or less than 10% down payment can be made for any cars but it depends on your eligibility. Contact us directly to get further info on this.
The latest interest rates are determined based on the car's cubic capacity and the term of loan.
It may take up to 48 hours of working days. It's always less than that but if you do not receive any responds after 5 business days, we encourage you to send the price quotation again. We might lose or miss your earlier email. Feel free to ask any questions and we would try to assist you with the best answers.
We will contact more than one of our used car panels to ask for the highest price that you can possibly get. Contact us directly or you can refer it to other used car companies near you.
We will arrange everything for you. From A to Z. Free consultation service is provided, don't forget to contact us via email or contact our main representative. The contact number is available on contact us page.
You can find an icon on the top of every page, stating "Financial calculator".
Yes, you are eligible. You need to have a degree/diploma/certificate (stating that you are a fresh graduate), offer letter, IC and license. If you do not have any job offer/offer letter, you need to have a guarantor.
1. Applicants:Malaysian Identity Card 2. Driving License 3. Pay slip (3 months) 1. Other documents: (if any)Bank Statement (3 Month) 2. EPF Statement 3. EA Form 4. Offer Letter
There are only few customers who have actually done this. What they did was, they contacted us by email or phone and submit all the documents needed via email without having to meet us face-to-face. At the time of car delivery, we offer them a door-to-door services, delivered the car to their house. That's how we value our customers and all we need is your trust and confidence in dealing with us. Make a request and we are here to help. We are always here for you.