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Documents for loan submission (Individual)

Guidelines for new car buyers, here is the list of documents that you need to provide: 1. PHOTOCOPY OF IDENTITY CARD

♥   MyKad/Uniformed Personnel ID OR ♥   MyPR Kad(For Non Malaysia-PR) OR ♥   Passport and Visa/Working Permit


Salaried Applicant Latest salary slips (3 Months) and at least one of the following: ♥   Savings/Current/ASB/ASN/Tabung Haji A/C reflecting latest 3 months income OR ♥   Current year APF statement or statement as at December of last year OR ♥   Last year assessment of Income Tax Borang B OR ♥   Employment letter of Offer (For applicant in new job , 3 months with prior employment records)

Newly Employed (3 months) ♥   Minimum 1 month salary slip OR ♥   Savings/Current A/C reflecting at least 1 month salary.

Non-Salaried Applicant ♥   Savings/Current/ASB/ASN/Tabung Haji A/C reflecting latest 3 months income OR ♥   Latest Income Tax Borang B AND ♥   Other relevant documents


♥  Degree or Diploma Certificate ♥  Employment Letter

5. GUARANTOOR (If Applicable)

♥   Photocopy of NRIC ♥   Savings/Current/ASB/ASN/Tabung Haji A/C reflecting latest 3 months income

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Toyota Latest Promotion – August 2010

Check out the latest Toyota Promotion! Hurry up! Please choose one option only!
Model Price Option 1 Option 2
Avanza From RM 62,000 2-5 years (2.98%) 6-7 years (3.08%) 8-9 years (3.18%) Free Insurance1st year
Rush From RM 85,888 (none) Free Insurance1st year
Innova From RM 96,800 Service Voucher RM 800 Low d/p rebate RM 500
Hilux From RM 82,910 Free bedliner + Sport bar Low d/p rebate RM 1,500
Altis From RM 102,900 Free Insurance 1st year Low d/p Rebate RM 1,000 + Garmin Nuvi 1350 GPS + Aerokit Package
Vios From RM 71,990 2-5 yrs (2.98%) 6-7 yrs (3.08%) 8-9 yrs (3.18%) Free insurance for 1st year
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Latest Interest Rates on Car Loan

→   The new interest rate policy has been made and it is now determined based CC, or Cubic Capacity of your selected car.
Cubic Capacity (CC) 1-5 years 6-7 years 8-9 years
Up to 1400 CC 3.85% 4.00% 4.10%
1500 to 1800 CC 3.50% 3.75% 3.85%
Above 1800 CC 3.40% 3.60% 3.75%
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Promotion that never last!

Purchase any cars from us and enjoy our free gifts listed below. It's only offered for you, our special customers.

♦ Full tank oil ♦ Touch n Go card ♦ Tinted Voucher RM 300 ♦ Car Vacuum ♦ CD Case ♦ Sand Blasting ♦ Service Voucher ♦ Towing Service ♦ Steering lock / Umbrella ♦ Road Tax Sticker ♦ Car Shampoo ♦ Washing Sponge ♦ Tissue Box ♦ Neck Pillow ♦ Tire Wax ♦ Blind spot mirror ♦ Bodykit and spoiler sold at cost price ♦ Cash Rebate (May vary depending on model and current promotion)

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Perodua Viva

Purchase your brand new Perodua Viva from us to enjoy more free gifts and promotions.


Click here for Perodua Viva Price List.

Color Availability:

1. Midnight Blue (Metallic)
2. Ivory White (Solid)
3. Tangerine Orange (Metallic)
4. Ebony Black (Metallic)
5. Pearl Jade (Metallic)
6. Glitttering Silver (Metallic)

Sales Executive:

Contact En. Ihsan at 019-3559448 for more info.

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